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Training the next generation ...

Supermarine Motor Yachts Ltd are pleased to announce the success of their apprenticeship scheme and are delighted that student Matt Brown has just completed his three year boat building apprenticeship, through in-house training and a day release programme, at Southampton City College.

From left to right: Jonah Newton, Gabryel White, Neil Storey, Simon Burgess, Matt Brown.

Following an engineering course at his local college, Matt joined Northshore Shipyard and undertook a three year boat building apprenticeship which has helped him develop his existing skills whilst gaining a Level 3 Diploma. He has undertaken specific elements of boat building and fit out, whilst learning the practical skills and technical knowledge required to work as a professional and competent boatbuilder.

Simon Burgess has started the second year of his Marine Engineering Apprenticeship through in-house training and a day release programme at Southampton City College, for a Level 3 Diploma. Since starting his employment with Northshore, he was invited to join the apprenticeship scheme and has successfully completed his first year training on marine engines and diagnostics whilst gaining valuable mechanical engineering experience.

Supermarine’s two newest apprentices have recently joined the company this summer and are undertaking their 3 year Marine Engineering Apprenticeship on the day release scheme. Jonah Newton has some previous engineering experience from Chichester College, whilst Gabryel White has just finished his exams at a local school. During their apprenticeship, they will learn and use carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, electrical and engineering skills. Taking their apprenticeships together, they both have the added benefit of working in the shipyard as a pair, enabling them to share their training knowledge, which will support their ongoing learning.

Overseeing the apprentices, supervisor Neil Storey has been a boat builder at Northshore for over 30 years and has extensive experience, hand building many Northshore Yachts including Southerly’s, Vancouver’s and Fisher Motor Boats. From his first experience in the marine industry, as an apprentice himself, with Westerly Yachts, he now provides hands-on training and mentoring to his small team of apprentices at Northshore Shipyard, building the Supermarine Spearfish 32.

All of these young people are the future of the marine industry and the apprenticeships are fundamental to its growth and development. We have forged relationships with Chichester College, Bishop Luffa Academy, and Chichester High School to offer local youngsters an opportunity to work in the marine industry. Our design department, is also keen to try to develop a training schedule / placements for aspiring naval architects and design engineers.

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